Clint Eastwood: Un-American

January 10, 2006

clint.jpgClint Eastwood is currently shooting the feature Flags Of Our Fathers, a World War II feature focusing on the American soldiers who famously raised the flag on Iwo Jima, and now the Oscar-winning director has announced it will be a two-part series. While the first focuses on the American side, the companion piece, Red Sun, Black Sand, will focus on the Japanese side of the battle. Iris Yamashita, a Japanese-American writer, will pen the script, with Ken Watanabe mentioned as a possible star.

While I'm glad a director finally has the courage to show the other perspectives of World War II, I worry about his rumored third film in the series, Hitler: Not Such A Bad Dude. Lofty concepts from a man still best known for asking a "punk" if he's lucky.

The Far Eastwood [Empire Online]

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