Conaco Gets A Pilot

January 31, 2006

conaco.jpgConan O'Brien's production company, Conaco, has scored a pilot on NBC:

O'Brien's Conaco, along with NBC Universal TV Studio, is behind an as-yet-untitled hourlong drama, formerly titled The Haskett Chronicles, from writer Willie Reale (Keen Eddie). The potential series revolves around a politician who is murdered but is given a chance to come back to the physical world in order to save his soul. This time, he's at a much lower stage in life.

There was a time I'd be excited about a television series being given O'Brien's seal of approval, but at this point I'm worried the series will just revolve around tugging on imaginary hip-strings and pointing out how abnormally tall/big-headed the protagonist is.

This series won't be the first to involve someone dead returning at a lower stage in life, since Skating With Celebrities did so with Dave Coulier earlier this year. Luckily for Coulier, after this point, he can't get any lower.


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