David Fincher directs Torso

January 12, 2006

torso-bendis.jpgAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, David Fincher is set to direct Torso, a thriller based on Brian Michael Bendis' graphic novel of the same name. I've been waiting years for a Brian Michael Bendis property to become a movie, and it's totally fitting that a super awesome genius like David Fincher be behind the camera. Although it would have been an even better choice if they had set David Fincher to direct Powers instead. If you're not up to date on your comic books, check out Powers and tell me Fincher wouldn't make a bad ass movie out of it. It'd be so bad ass that other asses would pack up their bags and leave the state out of fear of all the badness that this ass would bring.

Fincher has stomach for 'Torso' [Hollywood Reporter]

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