Flight 93 Teaser Encourages My Uncle

January 6, 2006

flight93.jpgThe teaser trailer for Flight 93 has just been released, giving an early glimpse of the April release. The film, directed by Paul Greengrass, is a real-time account of the hi-jacked plane of 9/11, brought down by a group of courageous passengers. Some have questioned the ethics of making a 9/11 movie so soon after the attacks, but Greengrass has promised it will be done tastefully, in the spirit of the bumper stickers where Calvin is pissing on 'terrorism.' While the trailer is careful not to reveal too much, it hasn't stopped my Uncle Gary from joking, "Why see it? I already know the ending," a routine sadly similar to his Titanic schtick from a few years back.

Teaser Trailer [Official Site]

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