Fox Is The New Penguin

January 23, 2006

foxandgirl.jpgGood news for people who like foxes and children:

The man behind last year's biggest Sundance success story, "March of the Penguins" director Luc Jacquet, said that his follow-up will be "The Fox & the Child," a project combining nature documentary footage and a fictionalized story. "Fox" centers on a young girl and her friendship with the eponymous animal. An adult female narrator will relate the tale as a memoir of her childhood.

Producers hope the public won't confuse The Fox & the Child with the similarly titled pornographic film, Foxy & the Child which focuses on the exploits of Foxy, a past-her-prime hooker, that befriends a junior high boy (played by 33-year-old newcomer Burt Hardlength) while on a trip to the World Intercourse Championships. Which film will rule the box office? Only time will tell.


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