It's Not Called GymNICEtics

January 31, 2006


If you consider yourself a member of the human race, I demand you watch the trailer for Stick It. The premise is that a stunt bike riding tomboy gets in trouble with the law by breaking a window and has to face the consequences. So she goes to juvenile hall, right? Or maybe has to work really hard to earn enough money to pay for the window? You're probably just narrow-minded enough to think that. Obviously, she has to join a gymnastics team coached by Jeff Bridges.

Though I initially thought the premise was a bit of a stretch, I soon remembered the time that guy robbed a liquor store and had to join a cheerleading team coached by Martin Sheen. And the time that guy murdered a family of six and had to join Michael Keaton's wiffle ball league. Some said the punishment didn't fit the crime, but they sure shut up once they saw Keaton holding that championship trophy over his head.


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