Jenny McCarthy freaks out in Dirty Love

January 25, 2006

jenny-dirty-love_tn.jpgApparently it's become my job to save you from watching crappy movies just for the gratuitous nude scenes. I think I accomplished the feat nicely with Kristanna Loken's sex scene in Bloodrayne, but today we turn our attention to Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love, which got a whopping 3.3 on IMDB. I haven't seen it myself, but it's probaby safe to assume that this is the best scene it has to offer. I mean Jenny McCarthy freaking out and smashing her boobs together like she's lost her mind? That's classic film making if I've ever seen it. Throw in a couple of cowgirl strippers and we've got ourselves an Oscar contender.

Completely NSFW video clip after the jump.

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