No Hulk sequel planned

January 2, 2006

no-hulk-sequel.jpgDespite rumors to the contrary, it seems that neither Eric Bana nor Ang Lee are interested in making a sequel to Hulk. This is great news for everybody, since Hulk was a gigantic pile of cow feces that I'm sure both Bana and Lee wish everybody would just forget about. If they really want to do a Hulk sequel right, they need to lose the story and go with a two and a half hour epic of pure destruction. It probably doesn't sound like a very solid movie, but T3 was very strong and based almost entirely on action scene after action scene. Although it also had a half-naked Kristanna Loken in it, so maybe that's why it turned out so awesome. Okay it's official, they need to replace the CG Hulk with a half-naked Kristanna Loken. They don't even have to paint her green or anything, just make sure that her butt cheeks and the sides of her breasts are visible at all times. Instant classic!

No Hulk 2 says Bana [Movie Hole]

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