Omen 666 Teaser Shows Devil Dresses Sharply

January 30, 2006


So Fox has released a teaser trailer for The Omen 666. In it, we slowly approach the Devil incarnate child Damien as he slowly drifts back-and-forth on a swing. Just as we get close to him, he quickly turns towards the camera, staring with all the evil inside him.

Except, he really doesn't seem that evil. I mean, sure, he seems a little pretentious in his smart little red ensemble, but I don't know if it's that evil. Couldn't they make his eyes glow red, or have him spit some flames, have his lower half turn into a serpent beast, or something like that? Maybe that's too blatant for some, but don't we need some kind of definitive characteristic to firmly distinguish between Satan himself and just some chubby shit of a kid?


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Thursday the 12th

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