Prince of Persia Jumps Onto Screen, Across Short Gaps

January 13, 2006

princeofpersia.jpgJerry Bruckheimer recently spoke to about his upcoming projects, including news of another video game film, Prince of Persia:

In February, we start a picture called 'Deja Vu' in New Orleans, which I think will be the first movie being shot in New Orleans since Katrina with Denzel Washington playing the lead and Tony Scott directing. He did 'Top Gun' with me and 'Enemy of the State.' Then we have a thing called 'Prince of Persia,' which is a big video game, that we're considering doing, and another thing called 'Unnatural History' that we're working on.

The goal of the video game Prince of Persia was to escape the Evil Sultan's clutches, save the Princess, and offend the Arab community as a whole. Hopefully, Fisher Stevens won't play the Arab Prince.

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