Repo Man Sequel Means More Emilio

January 31, 2006

repoman2.jpgAlex Cox, director of the 1984 Emilio Estevez cult hit Repo Man, has said in an interview on the newest DVD release of the film that one of the stars has come up with a premise for a possible sequel:

Miguel Sandoval has actually come up with an alternative sequel to Repo Man, for a very small fee, which is -- we steal the idea for John Boorman's film Point Blank. Otto comes back for revenge on the four repo men.

He continued that he hoped to get much of the original cast involved. The news must have been exciting for Estevez, who, before beginnning Bobby, was probably actually working as a repo man. Now if someone could just cobble together a fourth Might Ducks movie, I'd be in Este-Heaven.


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