Robin Williams Plays Teddy

January 27, 2006

williamsmuseum.jpgDoes anyone think Robin Williams is still funny? Apparently, the creators of Night at the Museum do, because he's been cast in the Ben Stiller comedy. The film, which also stars Carla Gugino, Kim Raver, Mickey Rooney, and Dick Van Dyke, tells the story of a bumbling security guard that unlocks a curse in a museum, making the displays come to life. Williams will play Theodore Roosevelt, who is awakened from one of the museum's exhibits.

Hollywood's nailed the casting of a film yet again. While Roosevelt was the first American to win a Nobel Prize, famous for the quote, "Speak softly and carry a big stick," and a key figure in creating the Panama Canal, Williams often jumps on chairs spouting a chain of impressions, and was a key figure in creating Mrs. Doubtfire and Bicentennial Man. The two couldn't be better matched.


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