Transforming Car Was Not A Transformer

January 12, 2006

transformersfake.jpgYesterday, I reported that possible ILM test footage for Michael Bay's Transformers had leaked. Today, word from Michael Bay has surfaced that the clip, depicting a car transforming into a robot, was a fake. Bay added, however, that he is still very interested in the project, and is working with ILM to get the CGI robots to properly emote.

Having now looked at the footage again, I realize my error. I see now that it was just a man in a car costume standing up. But, really, it's a hell of a fake.

UPDATE: It turns out he wasn't even in costume. It was just a guy that kind of looked like a car.

UPDATE 2: A third viewing revealed it was actually a crude drawing of a dog, that looked nothing like a car.

ILM Footage is B.S. [Ain't It Cool News]

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