Weezer Is The New Velvet Underground

January 26, 2006

weezer.jpgTo the delight of college students from 1995, members of Weezer will be playing The Velvet Underground in the upcoming Edie Sedgewick biopic Factory Girl. Lou Reed will be played guitarist Brian Bell, while drummer Patrick Wilson will take on John Cale.

With the deprecating things Lou Reed has already said about Factory Girl, I can only imagine what he's going to say about this casting. Actually, I can also tell you what I imagine:

Lou Reed sips coffee at breakfast in a posh, New York loft. The phone rings.

Lou: Lou Reed here.

Agent: Lou, it's your agent. Weezer is playing you in that movie you hate.

Lou Reed spits coffee. Smoke shoots out of his ears.

Lou: Not cool!


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