Where the Wild Things Are is so on

January 9, 2006

wild-things-movie.jpgWarner Bros. has acquired the rights to Where the Wild Things Are after Universal dropped the ball. The film will get started later this year, with Spike Jonze set to direct from a script he and Dave Eggers wrote. Details of the story are still a secret, but the film will be live-action with a large expected CGI budget. Not that it matters, because with Spike Jonze directing something he wrote with Dave Eggers, you can be guaranteed that socks will be sufficiently rocked off. I don't think they let you pre-order movie tickets two years in advance, but I'd gladly throw down my $10 now.

If you've never read anything by Dave Eggers, pick up A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and thank me later. And if you've never seen anything by Spike Jonze, find the nearest kitchen knife and cut out your own kidneys.

'Wild' ride for Warner [Variety]

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