Cars Daytona 500 Spot

February 24, 2006


To draw in the Daytona 500 fans, Pixar created a special TV spot for their upcoming Cars that showcases the racing elements of the film, sort of like waving a beer in front of an alcoholic (which many of them are). There aren't many comedic elements to the ad, and it was still looking well-below the standards set by Pixar, until we hit the final line, spoken by Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy): "Git-R-Done." That's when I laughed so hard I pissed and shit!

They should just put a confederate flag on the bumper, a Calvin urinating on Ford/Chevrolet in the back window, have the movie ticket double as a hunting license, and make the tagline, "This film forfeits our society to the hill folk. Enjoy."


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