Grey Gardens Gets Fictionalized

February 23, 2006

greybarrymore.jpgGrey Gardens, the documentary chronicling the home life of Jackie O's cousin and aunt, whose squalid estate made headlines when the health department threatened to raid the premises, is set to be made into a motion picture starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange:

Barrymore will play Little Edie, and Lange will play her mother, Big Edie Bouvier Beale, the socialite cousin and aunt, respectively, of Kennedy Onassis. The Edies made headlines around the world when Jackie O herself materialized to rescue her family from public disgrace.

What made the original Grey Gardens so interesting was more than the actual story of the affluent socialites; it was the raw exposure of the characters. This production will have a lot to live up to in portraying these personalities. Luckily, they've got Drew Barrymore on board, ensuring a completely inappropriate mix of cute, bubbly optimism, goofy comic pratfalls, and probably visible nipples.


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