Morris Making Nub City

February 20, 2006

morrisnub.jpgOscar-winning documentarian Errol Morris's next project will be based on a true story he's had on his mind for close to thirty years. The director, whose Fog of War won an Academy Award for best documentary feature last year, will be shooting a horror film based on a Florida city where several residents began losing limbs after taking out insurance policies on themselves, earning it the nickname "Nub City." He had originally hoped to make a documentary on the city, but found no cooperation in the residents.

An Errol Morris horror movie should be a pretty fantastic creation, particularly with a subject matter as strange as this. I'd rather see the documentary, honestly, but I can't really blame the residents for not wanting to be documented on film. Once you start getting billed as "Nub City," you've got a lot to live up to. There will be a lot of tourists asking to see your nubs. If rival cities that have a lot of nubs see the film, they might start increasing their nubs to compete for the "Nub City" title, creating a "nub war." Then you're left with two cities full of gross, nubby people, and nobody wants that. Except nub fetishists.

I'm sorry if nub isn't the politically correct term, but I'm not the one who invented the name "Nub City." I've always said, "Gross Little Stumpy Freak City."


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