Sam Jackson Makes Casting Call

February 22, 2006

samjackblack.jpgSamuel L. Jackson has announced his grand idea for a new film. He doesn't have a plot or anything, but he has figured out the cast: every A-list black male he can think of.

I think it would be something that people would want to go out and see - if it were me, Denzel [Washington], Eddie [Murphy], Morgan [Freeman], Will [Smith], Don Cheadle, all of us in the same place at the same time.

I'm glad someone finally has the bravery to segregate black actors. Next, he should work on an all-black-actor drinking fountain, or section of a bus. Really, though, I guess this idea isn't any more ridiculous than Ocean's Eleven is for white A-listers, though it's strange that Don Cheadle is somehow in both crowds.

Incidentally, upon hearing Jackson's dream cast, Laurence Fishburne couldn't stop crying.


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