Shaggy Dog Coming To Super Bowl

February 3, 2006


When America demands more Shaggy Dog, Walt Disney delivers. Over at they've got not only The Shaggy Dog trailer, but the new Super Bowl spot as well. The TV spot seems a little contrived, giving the movie a play-by-play like the football game, but the trailer answers a lot of questions.

My favorite part is where it zooms in to the cellular level, showing the Shaggy Dog cells merge with the Tim Allen cells. The whole time before this I was thinking, "Seems like a great concept, a man turning into a shaggy dog, but I'm just not sure it's scientifically feasible." Then that shot came on and it totally sold me. Dog bites a guy, transfers Shaggy Dog cells, they latch onto the human cells, creates a man-dog-- it all makes sense. And here I was worried they wouldn't explain what was going on. Plus, he chases a cat! Like how dogs do! You don't need science to tell you that's funny.


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