Terrence Howard is Rick James, Thurgood Marshall

February 21, 2006

thoward.jpgIn a follow-up to yesterday's story that Terrence Howard may be playing Joe Louis for Spike Lee, another article reveals even more for the future of the actor, including more biopics:

He'll play a police officer helping (and loving) a grieving, revengeful Jodie Foster in "The Brave One." He'll portray an inspirational coach in the true-life "PDR" and a social worker in the ensemble drama "August Rush." He has also been talking to the makers of three different biopics - on boxer Joe Louis, singer Rick James and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Howard notes that the role he's most interested in playing is Thurgood Marshall, which makes no sense. When you're given the choice between a crazy, cocaine addicted, cornrow wearing, "King of Funk," and a Supreme Court Justice, there's no choice at all. Regardless, it would seem an Oscar nomination has earned Terrence Howard what Hollywood normally requires hundreds of sexual favors for: success!


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