Tom Baker Up For Wearing Long Scarf

February 1, 2006

tombaker.jpgIn a recent interview with Tom Baker, popular for his portrayal of the titular role in Doctor Who, the actor revealed that he'd be interested in returning to the series if the circumstances were right:

If they could come up with a good enough part I would consider it. It would depend what the proposition was. But I wouldn't want to make an entrance just for a cheap laugh. I've got nothing against cheap laughs but I just don't need to do that now.

I believed this speech until I saw the picture of him. Where are his eyebrows? What has this man done to himself? It looks like he's gained a couple hundred pounds. He's nothing but a cheap laugh. I'd be really interested to hear what proposition would bring him back. I'm willing to wager that a stack of sponge cakes would get him to do just about anything.

Baker also notes that he's never actually seen an episode of Doctor Who. Though he may be fat, he's no nerd.


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