A Prairie Home Companion Trailer

March 8, 2006


Since an honorary Academy Award was awarded to Robert Altman on Sunday, the publicity on his upcoming A Prairie Home Companion has really been stepped-up. Yesterday was the poster, now see the trailer at the official site. The film looks like it really gets into the details of the production of a radio show, almost to the point where it might only be interesting to those who like old-timey radio.

It's like when Drumline came out, I heard some pretty positive things about it, but the fact that it's about competitive drumming is such a turn-off that I refuse to watch it. There's literally nothing on this earth that I have less interest in than competitive drumming. I might be able to invent something that doesn't exist that I'd be less interested in, but it would likely be pretty similar to competitive drumming. Similarly, I refuse to see Jurassic Park because I don't believe in dinosaurs or science.

Also, what the hell is SNL's Maya Rudolph doing in this? It's like all these big-name, award-winning actors, then a lady known for doing bad impressions of Beyonce. I can't say how she must have gotten this role, but I can say that she clearly gave hundreds of blowjobs to get this role.


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