Academy Awards Winners

March 6, 2006

I hope you caught the 78th Annual Academy Awards last night, because it was the best event to ever happen in all of history. Finally, something that recognizes how amazing celebrities are! But, if for some absurd reason you had to miss it, here are the major winners, along with my grandma's initial reactions.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote
Grandma: (Still referring to nominee, Joaquin Phoenix) "How would you spell that? Joaquin...Joaquin Phoenix. I just don't understand how that's a name."

Best Actress in a Leading Role:
Reese Witherspooon for Walk the Line
Grandma: "Grandma used to look like Reese Witherspoons."

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: George Clooney for Syriana
Grandma: "Didn't see it. Wish I'd seen him. Very handsome man. Good-looking man."

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
Rachel Weisz for The Constant Gardener
Grandma: (Asleep)

Best Director: Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain
Grandma: "They give them to 'orientals' now?"

Best Picture: Crash
Grandma: "I don't think I took my meds today."


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