Lucasfilm Update: Star Wars on TV, Indy 4, Red Tails

March 14, 2006

lucasfilm-star-wars-tv.jpgSpeaking last night at the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards (which mean absolutely nothing), producer Rick McCallum provided an update of the current Lucasfilm projects. Speaking about a Star Wars television series, McCallum claims the show will provide the dark, character-based drama fans were looking for in the prequels:

That's not going to happen probably for another year and a half while we develop scripts and everything else. But it's fantastic; we've got some incredible writers. It's going to be much darker, much more character-based, and I think it's going to be everything the fans always wanted the prequels to be. They'll be one-hour episode. It takes place between Episodes III and IV. It's going to be all-new characters, maybe a few bounty hunters in there to start the series off.

The subject then turned to George Lucas's WWII fight film Red Tails and Indiana Jones 4, to which McCallum says there is now a finished script:

We're working on Red Tails right now. George is writing the script as we speak. He's just finished the Indiana Jones script, and Steven's having that rewritten and a few things done. And then we start hopefully in October or November looking for another writer for Red Tails when George puts together his ideas of what he wants it to be. Then hopefully next year we'll start on that.

Interesting to hear a concrete update on Indiana Jones, but what really interests me are the details of the Star Wars television series. If it's everything he claims, it could bring back some respect to the saga that was lost in the prequels. Then again, it doesn't involve guessing how much money is in a suitcase with Howie Mandel, so how good could it really be?


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