Over the Hedge Trailer

March 9, 2006


The full trailer for Dreamworks Animation's Over the Hedge is up at Yahoo! Movies, and it looks to be sort of a children's comedy with a message. In the same way Bambi said, "Hey, stop shooting deer mothers," Over the Hedge says, "Hey, stop building suburbs, rich white people." And, like Bambi, it looks boring. It's probably decent for kids, but in recent years Pixar has really raised the bar for children's animation, and this film doesn't look at all smart or interesting. It's particularly disappointing because they're wasting a great cast. With talent like Steve Carell, Garry Shandling, Bruce Willis and William Shatner, they could have done so much more. Like have them sit in a circle, shirtless, reading Garfield comics aloud to the camera. That would have probably been better than this.


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