Pixar's Cars Trailer Online

March 10, 2006


After a big announcement, the trailer for Pixar's Cars has made its way online. I hadn't read a synopsis yet, so I'd been assuming from the racing footage I'd seen that it was about some race cars competing in a circuit, or something along those lines. It turns out it's about a big-city hot shot car having an accident in a country town, where he initially hates the small town mentality, but eventually questions his face-paced lifestyle when he falls for a beautiful, female resident.

Guess what, Pixar? You made Doc Hollywood! That's right, the company that just yesterday I was praising for raising the bar for children's animation has now remade the semi-successful 1991 Michael J. Fox comedy, Doc Hollywood. And to think, I was worried about the footage I'd seen of Cars. If it's a "D.H." caliber movie, we should have nothing to worry about.


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