The Office Going Online for Summer

March 20, 2006

the-office-web-only.jpgFans of NBC's The Office will be treated to some new episodes even when the show breaks for the summer. The network announced that it will release 10 web-only episodes on during the summer, involving a plot that will reveal a mystery surrounding some of the secondary characters:

In a news release, the network said the "webisodes" will focus on a mystery facing the accounting staff of the Dunder-Mifflin paper company. The three characters -- Angela, Kevin and Oscar -- are secondary parts of the regular ensemble cast.

I'm not the biggest fan of the American The Office, but it's still better than most sitcoms on the air right now, so I'll take it. My worry is that their being online-only probably means shorter and lower quality. However, maybe that's unfounded, since that hasn't yet been the case for online-only porngraphy. I mean, have you seen this Wifey lady's videos? If it weren't for her being somewhat homely and shooting the videos in a trashy living room with a ten-year-old camcorder, you'd never know she was an "amateur." If that's the quality being web-only creates, then maybe more of television should be web-only. At least in terms of raw numbers of handjobs.


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