Tony Danza Show Won't Return

March 27, 2006

tony-danza-cancelled.jpgTony Danza has now officially said The Tony Danza Show, the "extravadanza" that got America up each morning, will likely not return to television this fall:

Advising viewers to "enjoy the rest of the run," Mr. Danza said his personal effort to find a clearance in New York for the fall, which he discussed on the air on Monday, had failed. "We are going to finish real strong and enjoy what we have left," he said.

In memorial, I'd like to reflect on some of my favorite moments from his hit show. Such as...

...The time Mona dated a man half her age.

...Samantha covering her hickey with a scarf

...When Tony and Angela finally got together.

...The part in the intro where he's playing baseball.

That's all I can remember.


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