United 93 Trailer

March 24, 2006


The trailer for United 93 is now available, providing the first real look at the courageous 9/11 story writer/director Paul Greengrass has created. I was all set to hate this trailer just for it's subject matter alone (I only show my patriotism through bumper stickers and racial prejudice), but then I saw the above shot of the pilots, their hands romantically close as they push the throttle, and I was sold. I had this movie all wrong. This isn't an exploitive, hokey, thriller. This is a true romance. This will do for 9/11 what Titanic did for the Titanic disaster: help us dismiss the tragic elements and replace them with sex.

When I saw that touching moment in this trailer, I'll be honest, I shed a single tear. As it ran down my face, I looked into one of my (many) bedside mirrors. The tear, in its salty wetness, had written, "Let's Roll" across my cheek. And my clothes...they had become American flags! Suddenly, the room was full of majestic bald eagles, their calls sounding suspiciously like our National Anthem! And, somehow, I had finished an entire bottle of cold medicine.


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