X-Men: The Last Stand Trailer

March 7, 2006


Fox has finally released the trailer for the third chapter of X-Men, and I have to admit that there are definitely some cool looking parts. Angel takes flight, Magneto leads an army of evil mutants, some things explode; it's all looking much better than I anticipated. That said, I'm still completely skeptical of the quality of this movie. It's easy to show the good parts if you only have to fill a couple minutes. I've got the feeling that, like the husband in a Lifetime movie, this film will eventually show its true colors. Sure, Dean Cain seemed friendly when he was picking up the kids from school, and there's no denying he's handsome, but why does Tracey Gold suddenly have so many bruises on her arms? I know he seemed like the perfect husband in the first hour (save for the times a dramatic chord was played when he got aggravated), but he's got another side to him! Goddammit, Tracey, get the hell out now, while you still have time. There's a reason he never talks about his ex-wife, whom we saw in only a brief flashback: she's dead! I don't remember what I was originally talking about now, so I'll just return to watching Golden Girls.


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