Clerks 2 Official Trailer

April 18, 2006


After a teaser and Internet exclusive, the official trailer for Clerks 2 has finally been released. It's filled with the kind of jokes Kevin Smith is known for, so if you liked or hated the earlier trailers, you'll probably feel the same about this one, except cumulative. The part I like is how it transitions from black & white, then to de-saturated color, before going into full color, because I've heard that at the two-thirds point of the movie, it becomes super-saturated color, then ultraviolet, until it ends with pure energy shooting out of the screen and everyone in the theatre is screaming, and the entire audience wakes up an hour later on a small raft with no memory of any of it. Also, the color thing in the trailer is cute because it reminds me the first one was shot in black & white. But mostly the first reason.


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