The Today Show Keeps Matt Lauer

April 12, 2006

today-show-lauer.jpgIf you're like me, when Katie Couric announced she would be leaving the Today Show, there were a few days where you didn't eat, woke up in cold sweats, yelled at dogs, and prayed, above all else, that you wouldn't lose the rest of the team that, between live Amy Grant performances and specials on what-to-wear, occasionally reported news. Well, worry no longer, folks. Matt Lauer has agreed to a contract extension to keep him at the desk for at least another five years. Meaning five more spectacular years of "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?" and "I'm Going Bald So I'll Get a Buzzcut." Thank God. I'm not me without an hour of Lauer each morning.

Earlier last week, it was announced Meredith Vieiera would be taking over for Couric, opening a spot on The View for Star Jones to expand into. She's like a goldfish.


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