Casino Royale French Trailer

May 2, 2006

To lose 58 seconds of your life you'll wish you could reclaim, watch the French trailer to Casino Royale that's hit the Internet. It's been dubbed over in French, so I don't know what's being said, but I imagine it to be a briefing something along the lines of this:

"James, I know you're used to a lot of cool gadgets, secret weapons, high-tech things of that nature... I'm afraid you won't be using any of that this go 'round. In fact, you won't even be using the whole range of human motion. For this mission, you'll be almost exclusively punching and jumping. There were some cutbacks in the spy department, so we're going to start basing your missions on the classic video game "Kung-Fu." We may eventually ask you to duck or kick, but don't worry about that now. At some point, a neat-looking device will scan your arm. Don't get too excited about this--it's just measuring your punching potential, so you can get back out there and punch some more. You can return to sitting awkwardly alone at a table now."


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