Dead or Alive Pictures

May 2, 2006


If your country doesn't promote ritualistic fighting between beautiful women to decide who will be married and who will be brutally scarred and sent to live alone in a cave, check out these stills to Dead or Alive. There's none of the boring ritual, all of the women and fighting.

I'm beginning to question the appropriateness of this movie's title. I know it's based on the video game, but the title Dead or Alive implies to me some sort of risk, possibly even life or death situations. All of these fighting images, however, seem to indicate a certain nonchalance to the battles. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong. It's not "Dead or Alive!" it's "Sure, dead or alive. Whatev," followed by a slow drag of a cigarette and a cool, apathetic stare.

See five more shots of girls, girls, girls under the cut.







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