First Shot from Miss Potter

May 26, 2006


One thing that always worries me when a movie comes out is whether or not it will have goofy mustaches. After a very positive showing from Oliver Stone's World Trade Center, USA Today has alleviated my fears regarding Miss Potter, the story of the Victorian-era writer of Peter Rabbit stories, Beatrix Potter, by providing this first look of Renee Zellwegger as the title character and Ewan McGregor as Norman Warne, her publisher with a goofy mustache. As I imagine it, Potter is showing him sketches of newly invented goofy mustache styles, which McGregor, president of mustaches, approves or disapproves. In this session, "The Handlebar," "The Yankee Curl," and "The Lip Lash" are passed into mustache law, while potential classics "The Milkman's Hello," "The Dandy Mudflap," and "Ol' Pubey" will never reach production.


Pulse Trailer

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