Ghost Rider Teaser Trailers

May 24, 2006


After watching the teaser trailers (there's both a domestic and international) to Ghost Rider, I've had a few thoughts as to why this looks like it will be as bad as director Mark Steven Johnson's previous films, Daredevil and Simon Birch.

1. Ghost Rider is stupid. The coolness of a skeleton on fire, riding a motorcycle with flaming wheels, peaks around the sixth grade, when a skeleton on fire with breasts, riding a motorcycle with flaming wheels, takes over as "coolest idea."

2. The effects are terrible. I've seen a more realistic flaming skull tattooed on the forearm of a biker. Granted, the phrase "I'll Stab Your Mom With My Cock" written above it in gothic lettering made it somewhat less realistic, but you get the idea.

3. Nicolas Cage has given up as an actor. His willingness to make National Treasure 2 is probably the best indicator of this. The man has no interest in making decent films. And with the ridiculous mustache he's got in World Trade Center and the youthful, messy coiffure he sports here, it seems like the only idea they've come up with to make him better is gluing hair to him.

The only saving grace might be that, unlike Johnson's previous efforts, this movie isn't about cripples.


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