Spider-Man 3: Eddie Brock and Black Suit Spy Pics

May 30, 2006


Shooting for Spider-Man 3 has been hitting the streets of New York as of late, allowing pedestrians to capture some spy images. Thanks to some brave citizens, we now have a shot of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, revealing the new black suit under his clothes, as well as a shot of Topher Grace as rival-reporter and future-enemy Venom, Eddie Brock. Here's what I've gathered from the images:

It looks like if the black suit is a shape-shifting alien symbiote in the movie, it probably doesn't make-up all of his clothes, just the Spidey costume. It does, however, give him long, greasy hair. Sort of the "guy at the IT desk" look. I think Richard Belzer is next to him.

Eddie Brock looks like kind of a douche. Bleached hair? Come on.


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