Borat Movie Trailer

June 21, 2006


If you love the mockery of foreign culture as much as I do, check out the trailer for Borat. It's been floating around YouTube for a while, but was usually taken down shortly after posting--this version promises stability. Sacha Baron Cohen, creator of Ali G, stars as Borat Sagdiyev, journalist from Kazakhstan, who is sent to America to produce a documentary for his country. I always thought Borat was the best character Cohen created, so this should hopefully turn out better than the Ali G movie.

The film does come with a bit of controversy, as some people, particularly those from Kazakhstan, have found Borat offensive in his portrayal of the sexist, racist character, but it's important that we remember that Kazakhstan and other less developed countries like it are mocking the United States simply by existing. Get up to speed, fellas. You're making us look bad to aliens.


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