Science of Superman Tests Superpowers

June 13, 2006

science-of-superman.jpgIf you just can't get enough Superman bullshit, prepare for the National Geographic Channel to exploit that for their ratings. Immediately following the June 28 release, the cable station will air a special called The Science of Superman questioning how much science fact lies behind the Man of Steel's superpowers:

The Man of Steel has enthralled audiences for decades with his incredible powers of flight, super strength, x- ray vision and super speed. But just how much science fact is there behind these superpowers? On Thursday, June 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, National Geographic Channel's (NGC) "The Science of Superman" puts the superpowers to the test, revealing what's plausible based on the earth-bound laws of physics, biology and astronomy, and what's pure science fiction.

What the hell are they talking about? It's all science fiction. Superman isn't based on any fact. I understand that super speed and flight are actual scientific concepts, but they're obviously impossible for anyone to actually achieve. Is this for real? What are their tests going to be, a guy standing around trying to see through a wall? See if some guy can make the earth spin backwards to reverse time? "Well, it's still Tuesday. I guess that one might not hold up under scrutiny, huh?"


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