The Guardian Trailer

June 29, 2006


The unstoppable team of Kutch and Cost(ner) star in The Guardian, the tale of an expert Coast Guard rescue swimmer (Cost) sent to teach new recruits, one of which is the brash, young hotshot Kutch.

Only watch this trailer if you really have nothing else to do. If you just lost your job, your spouse left you, maybe you lost a testicle, and you're willing to do anything just to go another three minutes without having to contemplate suicide, watch this. Otherwise, do anything else. The acting prowess of Cost and Kutch is about as winning as putting a couple dogs in a room together. They both do some barking, but it's unclear whether either of them have a clue what the other is saying. The dogs have the advantage, however, in that I'd rather watch the dogs barking than see this movie.


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