Deadman Coming to Theatres

July 21, 2006

deadman-movie.jpgHot news, fans of lame comic book heroes! Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro is in negotiations to act as producer in bringing the DC comic Deadman to the screen. If you don't know the character:

Deadman is the ghost of a circus acrobat named Boston Brand, who was murdered during a trapeze performance. His spirit was granted the power by a Hindu goddess to possess any living being in order to find his killer. In the ensuing search, Brand finds himself obliged to help others.

If anything shows that a superhero comes from a bygone era and maybe shouldn't be made into a big-budget movie, it's that he wears a v-neck that dips to his navel with a collar up to the top of his head. The only one they're making this one work is if they get a big name or an actual dead man, both of which can be found in Keith Richards. How about it, buddy?


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