Owen Wilson & Wes Anderson Together Again

July 18, 2006

wes-anderson-owen-wilson.jpgSince Owen Wilson's acting career has taken off and his writing collaborator Wes Anderson made The Life Aquatic with a different co-writer, there's been some question when the two would again work together. Speaking to CNN, Wilson answered the question:

I am going to do a movie with my friend Wes [Anderson] in India, and that's not going to be a buddy comedy movie. [I play] one of three brothers, and they go on this journey in India. I haven't really spoken to Wes yet in regards to what I can really talk about.

An Owen Wilson/Wes Anderson movie about brothers traveling to India sounds pretty great if they can bring in the adventure elements that made The Life Aquatic so exciting. And even better if the three brothers are Wayans (cut Shawn--he's dead weight). Watch out, Bill Murray, that Marlon's a scene stealer.


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