Kevin Smith To Shoot Horror Film (against a wall)

August 25, 2006

kevin-smith-horror.jpgKevin Smith is known for his dialogue-driven comedies, but according to a recent interview, the writer/director is ready to try out a new genre, planning to make his next film a horror:

Next up I want to do a horror movie. I just think it would be kinda interesting -- for me at least -- to go left. I've made seven comedies, or variation thereof, and some people would argue that none of them are funny. But it would be nice to make a horror movie. An intentional horror movie, not like Jersey Girl. [much laughter]. It's a genre that I grew up watching on VHS and on cable when I was a kid

No jokes and stuff, not like Scary Movie 4. There are people that do that really well, like Edgar Wright with Shaun of the Dead, but I don't want to make a comedic one, I want to make a straight-forward horror movie.

I'd love to see Kevin Smith be less safe and try doing something else, but I just don't see this happening. We've all seen how faithful he is to his word about what he will and won't make. If I know Kevvie, him saying he'll make a horror movie can mean only one thing: In five years, we can expect Mallrats 2.


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