Little Children Trailer

August 25, 2006


The trailer for Little Children looks pretty intense, showing two strained relationships that are about to explode like a metaphorical train wreck. I was able to derive this from the images of troubled relationships and hinted romances accompanied by the steady soundtrack of an oncoming train. It was the same way I was able to recognize my grandma's death as a madcap, goofy ride from the sounds surrounding her, which left me with a confused feeling. Why did she have to die watching The Benny Hill Show? Why was the wacky, sped-up pursuit of a beautiful woman so hilarious, even in this time of crisis? And who had stabbed my grandma?

The movie, by the Academy Award nominated director of In the Bedroom, Todd Field, stars Academy Award nominee Kate Winslet, Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly, and Patrick Wilson, a good-for-nothing nobody.


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