More Upright Citizens Brigade Coming to DVD

August 25, 2006

ucb-dvd.jpgMaybe this is already public knowledge, but I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago, while attending the Upright Citizens Brigade's Asssscat 10th Anniversary Show, someone asked the group if more seasons of their short-lived Comedy Central series would be released on DVD. Their response: yes. I want to say they even said it was possibly this year, but I can't say for sure. I was distracted by a giant freak (both in physical dimensions and freakitude) in front of me who couldn't pick a spot. Every time I tried to situate myself to see around him, he'd rock around and settle directly in front of me again, treating me to his massive, sweaty neck. A mirror couldn't have imitated my movements any better.

So, if you're an Upright Citizens Brigade fan, look forward to the next season coming soon. If you're a giant freak who was in attendance, know that you're disgusting and I hate you.

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