Mortal Kombat Enters The Unnecessary Sequel Code

August 22, 2006

sub-zero-mortal-kombat.jpgIn what he sadly considers bad news, Robin Shou, known(?) best as Liu Kang from the two best kombat movies ever made, Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, has announced thatt he is being excluded from the next chapter of the Mortal Kombat saga because it focuses on Sub-Zero. Says Mr. Shou:

I got the bad news. I won't be in the next MK. Apparently, Sub-Zero will be the new hero. How'd that come about? No body knows. As if my character never existed. The story supposedly takes place before Lui Kang's time. A prequel of prequel. I haven't read the script but the word out there was... bad. I guess that's why it's taking this long for it to happen.

Though it's bad news for Shou that he won't get another great part, the worse news is clearly for everyone else on earth. I had no idea they were making another one of these things. Hearing this makes me feel like someone froze me, upper-cutted me, threw a little spike on a rope through my neck, (pulled me in and upper-cutted me again), turned into an animal, and tore my head and spine out of my body. And it was sweet!


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