School for Scoundrels Trailer Hits (In The Testicles!)

August 14, 2006


I'm glad to hear movie audiences have yet to tire of Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" playing in their trailers. It's the new "Treat Her Right." The latest companion to the song is this movie directed by Todd Phillips, the man who was too much of a p**** to finish filming the upcoming Borat, and Apple has an exclusive trailer. Aside from Billy Bob Thornton and some British chick, it stars a surprising glut of genuinely funny people, including Horatio Sanz, Jack Kehler, Luis Guzman, Jon Glaser, David Cross, Matt Walsh and Sarah Silverman. Even with that impressive list, it's still going to be tough to outweigh Napoleon Dynamite's albatross of a comedic performance in this heap. Did I forget to mention that? Everyone's favorite Mormon is taking center stage in a film again, fresh off his presumably scene-stealing supporting turns in Benchwarmers and Just Like Heaven. Like most things, this makes me want to watch Nap. Dyn. all over again, man! Aw, dude, "My lips hurt real bad!" I know, "Tina, eat some ham!" LOL! *touch fists*


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