Smokin' Aces Trailer Boasts Piven, Motorhead

August 14, 2006


Are you and your friends feeling the zest of quoting dialogue from Snatch finally wearing off? Of course you're not. However, should you choose to prepare for that eventuality, I may have found just the movie that you guys can continuously watch the first thirteen minutes of before passing out with a warm beer in your hand on Saturday nights. Yes, Narc director Joe Carnahan seems to have ripped a page out of Guy Ritchie's book and delivered an incessantly hip, kinetic, and over-stylized little gangster caper flick in his latest, Smoking Aces. It features a bunch of actors looking alternatively offbeat or dirty, including an oddly coiffed Jeremy Piven who seems to have finally earned the chance to star in a movie without his John Cusack training wheels. Inevitably this movie will encourage you people to continue telling me how funny Piven is on Entourage, and I will continue humoring you like a person with terminal cancer.


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