Thundercats Join A Band

August 22, 2006

thundercats.jpgWell, they're remaking Thundercats. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by any remakes at this point, but somehow Thundercats seemed untouchable. Not for the sanctity of the material, just because it's hard enough to believe someone was willing to make a cartoon about a group of cat-people from the planet Thundera fighting a transforming mummy and his band of mutants in the first place, let alone remake it. Luckily, the content is being re-imagined with the same desperate sense of "cool" as a divorced dad trying hopelessly to win the affections of his child:

WB animation is remaking the Thundercats as an animated TV series. The animation style is whimsical, Americanized-anime, along the lines of Teen Titans. The setting is modern-day Earth, in a major city (possibly LA) The Thundercats are all teenagers. Their leader is Snarf (!) who is now a mystic with a "third" eye. Each of the Thundercats has a weapon with an "Eye of Thunderra" and transformative powers (not just Lion-O) When they aren't fighting evil, the Thundercats play together as a rock band. That's not a typo, or a joke. They are rockin' cats in their present form. Mum-Ra now has wings.

Seeing as how they're willing to make changes to the point of making the entire group teenagers in a rock band together, I have some other ideas they might as well tack on as well. First, let's forget fighting the mutants. They can just travel place to place solving mysteries. And ditch the whole "cat-people" idea. They can just wear cat costumes (long tails and ears for hats). And while we're at it, call them Josie and the P****cats.

Oh, and give Mum-Ra some f***ing wings, for god's sake.


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